Latest valuations of scrap copper Toronto

Latest valuations of scrap copper Toronto place it at up to 90% of the value of newly-manufactured copper, so it’s not hard to see its tempt for thieves; although in obtaining the metal, thieves are putting themselves at great risk. In the United States, there have been reports of up to twelve people having been killed in the act of stealing scrap copper.

In terms of an air conditioning unit – a rich source of copper – it is the exterior of the unit that proves mostly fruitful for thieves. This is because the pipes which hold the refrigerant are made of copper and a typical air conditioning unit will possess around 24 kilograms of copper tubing. In order to battle the rising rush of copper theft from air conditioning units, business owners are responding to the thefts by taking protection by installing cages or erecting fencing around the units as a restriction.

Nonetheless, while this helps protects the business’ air conditioning units, it unluckily drives thieves to look elsewhere for copper – new and unoccupied homes, churches, schools and offices that are currently under air-condition installations are all prime targets for thieves’ skullduggery.

Given the use of copper in the case of inhabited homes, it appears that thieves put more value on the copper itself rather than their own life: copper is normally used in piping that is used to transmit gas-flow and central heating systems into the home, while thieves have even been known to steal copper earthing cable from electricity sub-stations! However, as copper is a relatively sturdy metal and requires cutting, thieves are using any way required to cut through the pipes in order to steal their prize away – potentially releasing gas, which could be ignited by a single flicker, or even cutting through live, high power cables – putting their lives, and those around them at risk.


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