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Metal & Scrap Recycling



Tal Metal Recycling Toronto-

Tal Metal Recycling is a reliable metal recycling company, which specializes in the buying, processing and distribution of non-ferrous scrap metals. We offer metal recycling and distribution services to any industrial consumer. We buy and sell non-ferrous metals within Canada as well as globally. We operate in the Greater Toronto Area, in Concord, ON. We have been in operation for eleven years and are continually expanding.


Why Choose Us?

We are a global company: we think and act globally and locally. We buy and sell internationally, interacting with our clients and consumers through an advanced online network. Our endeavour is to provide our consumers with dependable and committed services as well as superior distribution offers. Our objective is to benefit our consumer through a reciprocally valuable relationship: we address our needs by fulfilling yours. Environmental awareness is also one of our premier concerns. We are going green in an effort to help the environment.


Scrap Metal Recycling Services-

Tal Metal Recycling provides its customers and consumers with competitive rates when buying and selling non-ferrous scrap metals. We use the most up-to-date technologies and work to maintain utmost efficiency in service. We catalog our stock and ensure that all our deliveries are correct and punctual. Also, we keep our stock of non-ferrous scrap metals in a secure factory space due to its caliber and worth. We buy, process, and distribute a vast array of non-ferrous scrap metals, of all grades: any sort, volume or size. We individualize our service in accordance with the needs and requirements of different companies, as well as those of our customers and consumers.


1]Tal Metal Recycling uses the latest equipment and machinery to promote safety, environmental awareness and a valued product.

2]Our practices are targeted to ensure an improved atmosphere as well as a perfectly safe work environment for our employees.

3]We provide our clients with trucking and pick-up services for any non-ferrous scrap metals, such as aluminum, bronze, alloy, lead, stainless steel, tin, nickel, zinc, gold, silver, brass and copper.



About Tal Metal Recycling:

Tal Metal Recycling is a second-generation family owned business and has been in operation since 1997. Originally an aluminum recycling company, it has since evolved, by now recycling all non-ferrous type metals. This process allows for the reuse of these metals without any loss of their original properties. Tal Metal Recycling now offers the local and global buying, processing and distribution of non-ferrous scrap metals. Tal Metal Recycling has a self-formulated set of logistics and strategies, as well as a highly-skilled staff with an emphasis on professional, fluent and fast service. Our aspiration is to be dedicated and committed to our clients’ needs while maintaining honest and reliable service.


Contact Information:

TalMetal Recycling
84 Drumlin Circle, Concord,
Ontario, L4K 3E9

Phone:  (905) 660 – 7081      

Fax:   (905) 660 – 6735 


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